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BEST FIX: Steps To Fix Error 0x80070570

Kevin Arrows March 31, 2015 Guides, Windows 2 Comments

Error 0x80070570 occurs usually when you are installing Windows 7.  There are numerous suggestions all over the internet for resolving this issue, some are quiet time consuming, such as running memtest which takes a couple of hours – Don’t worry, if you don’t know what memtest is, we’ll come to it. In this guide, i’ll start with the easiest methods, you start from method 1 and stop at the one that worked for you.


Method 1: Re-try Install (0x80070570)

While the install is in progress, and you get this error  “0x80070570” press OK and go back to the previous screen, start the installation process again and re-do the installation process without restarting. Try this like 3-4 times as i know it worked for some. If the error doesn’t pops-up again, then you can stop at this method.

 Method 2: Pull Your RAM

If you have only one memory stick, then proceed to METHOD 3 – but if you have more then one, then try pulling one of it one by one. EG: If you have 4 DDR2 STICKS, Pull 1, then test, then pull the other one and test, then pull the other one and test until it  works, if none of it works, put all back and proceed to METHOD 3 – If it works, then the one without which it worked is faulty. However, you must have a 2GB in all the time. If you have 1GB Sticks, then test with 2 in – the aim here, is to find the faulty ram if there is any.

Method 3: MEM TEST

Now run  http://www.memtest.org/ – From there site, you can find bootable precompiled ISO. You can simply download and boot from it by writing it to a USB Drive or A CD Drive. You will need to change your boot order.

When you run memtest, here’s what the screen will show, if the test fails you will be shown a message on screen.


If it reports a fault with the memory, then the one stick you’ve been using is faulty and needs to be replaced. If it doesn’t, then proceed to Method #4

Method 4: (Re-write ISO)

Download the Windows 7 ISO File on a different computer and write it to a USB Drive. I have an article written on this on how to do it – Create Bootable Windows 7 USB Once this is done, you can boot from the usb and try to install it.

Whether it works or not, let us know in the comments section below so we can improve this guide or if you have a better solution then we'll add it to the guide so it can help the community.
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