Windows 10 ошибка с1900101 20017

Windows 10

Fix we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017, The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation. I came across this strange error while trying to upgrade my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10 few days ago. This error is not exclusive to Windows 7, as you can also get this error even if you are running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 PC.

After trying several methods mentioned online and my own tweaks, I was finally able to fix this and install Windows 10. So, in today’s article we will see how to fix we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017 in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 running PC.

couldn't install windows 10

What happens is that when you begin the Windows 10 installation using the Media creation tool, the process reaches 100% and when the PC tries to restart it will stuck on Windows logo without any movement or the PC will restart restoring your Windows version to What it was earlier that is Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Now if the PC restarts by itself or your force shutdown and restart the PC, you will see this we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017 error saying installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during Boot operation.

This could be frustrating to anyone who were excited about the installation of Windows 10 or the upgrade. Nevertheless, after few days of search and several reattempts, I was able to successfully install Windows 10 on my Windows 7 running PC by fixing we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017 error.

Now there are several solutions available online, but nothing worked for me. So, in this tutorial I will begin with what worked for me and then we will have a look at what worked for others. So, let’s get started.

Fix We couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017

Two things I would like you to know before proceeding with the fix.

– You don’t need to download the Windows 10 Setup files all again to upgrade as your downloaded Windows 10 setup files are already stored in your C drive (if you have not deleted them already). You should have two folders in your C:/ drive, named as $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS. Your Windows 10 Setup files will be stored in $Windows.~WS. Refer the below image.

Windows ~WS

– Remove all the External Hard drives, USB storage devices including Network USB Dongle and any external USB device connected to your PC.

Step 1: Crate a Restore Point on your Windows 8.1 or Windows PC

As we will be uninstalling some drivers from your PC, I would recommend you to create a restore point on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC. Creating a Restore point would take few minutes. Once the restore point has been created, proceed with other steps.

To create Restore Point, click on Start button, search for Restore Point, open Create Restore point and wait until Windows creates a restore point. Restore point would come in handy if something goes or save you from the hassle of installing the drivers again if you were not able to upgrade to Windows 10.

Step 2: Uninstall Broadcom Bluetooth and Wireless Network Drivers

The second step would require you to uninstall your Bluetooth and Wireless Network drivers. The Broadcom drivers installed on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC are not compatible with Windows 10 for installation at least. This was the case with my PC at least.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to uninstall them, then simply leave it and take a chance by proceeding directly with Step 3.

Step 3: Disable Wireless from BIOS

Close all the program and shutdown your PC. We will be disabling Wireless Internal Bluetooth and Internal WLAN from the BIOS.

Once the PC is shut down, restart it by pressing the power button, but as soon as you see the black screen start pressing F2 to bring the BISO Settings. Once you are in the BIOS Settings do the following.

  • Navigate to Advanced Tab using the right Arrow key.

Windows 10 BIOS Settings  1


  • From the Advanced Tab, navigate or go to Wireless option using Down Arrow Key.

Windows 10 BIOS Settings

  • Hit Enter to open Wireless option.
  • Now you will see two options, Internal Bluetooth, and Internal WLAN.  Disable both of them by hitting enter on them and then selecting Disabled.

Windows 10 BIOS Settings  2

Exit the BIOS Settings by saving the changes. Press F10 to save the Settings.

Step 4: Remove Additional RAM

Now if you have added extra RAM to your PC (not came with your PC), then you may need to remove it temporarily as well. For Dell users, removing RAM is easy,  as you have to open the RAM compartment of your PC attached with a single screw and remove the RAM. You can find it at the back of your PC, above the battery compartment. Other PC users, kindly refer any guide on YouTube or see your Manufacturers website for more information.

Step 5:  Restart your PC and Run the Setup

After confirming that you have followed all the steps, restart your PC. Once the PC restarts, go to C:\$Windows.~WS\Sources\Windows folder and run the Setup.exe file. This will initialize the Windows 10 installation process.

Windows Setup exe

If you have Windows 10 bootable USB Drive or Disk, you can make a clean install of Windows 10 on your PC. However, do note that, without upgrading your PC to Windows 10 first, if you make clean install then your Windows 10 will not be activated for free and you may need to buy the product key to activate it.

Following all these steps did the job for me and I was able to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows  7 Professional running PC. After upgrading to Windows 10, I can surely tell that, it worth all the effort I put to make it work.

So, this is how I upgraded to Windows 10 by fixing the “we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017, The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation” error. Now let’s have a look at what worked for others.

Additional Steps to Fix we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017 Error

Now if unfortunately even after following all the above steps, you were not able to fix this error then you need to try the below given suggestions.

  1. Unplug or Remove your Network Card

Some users have reported that Unplugging Network Card has worked for them. So, basically you need to touch the hardware to remove Network card from your PC or laptop. If you don’t know how to do it, you may need to contact the nearest service center or any local PC repair shop to do this job. This is temporary, you can letter plugin the Network card once the Windows 10 has been installed.

  1. Remove all the Unwanted Drivers Installed in Your PC

Do you have some unwanted drivers installed in your PC’s device manager? If the answer is yes, then you may need to uninstall them and then try to upgrade to Windows 10. Before uninstalling any software make sure that you create a restore point to be at the safer side.

Nothing seems working? Have a look at Microsoft answer thread for other fixes suggested by the users.

So, this was about how to fix “ we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017, The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during BOOT operation “ error while installing Windows 10. Do let us know if this worked for you or if you have any alternative fix for this. Don’t’ forget to share this!